and when we say $500 down, we don't mean "let's tell the customer $500 down to get them to the dealership and then say... we'll sorry it'll be $1000 down", 90 - 95% of the people that come to the dealership w/ only $500 cash / card and a job actually get approved.
All cars purchased come with a 2 year / 24,000 mile service contract that pretty much covers anything that has to do with the drivability of the vehicle... so need to worry about a large mechanic bill, just drive and pay your car note, certain restrictions apply.

*** We do not require full coverage insurance, Liability only is okay!

*** Submit an application Financing >> Credit Application

*** Call / Text Joey 480 707 9008

*** Paperwork takes about 15 minutes

$500 y si tiene un trajabo APROBADO

y cuando nosotros dicimos $500, no estamos diciendo vamos a decir primero al cliente $500 y luego
cuando el cliente llege vamos a decir "lo siento realmente es $1000 en enganche"

Cada carro que ud compra viene con un warranty de 2 anos / 24,000 milas que casi cubre todo lo que tiene que hacer con
el matimiento del carro.

*** Licencia Mexicana OKAY!!!
*** Si su trabajo le paga en cash OKAY!!
*** No tiene que tener full coverage insurance
*** Toma como 15 minutos para hacer el processo

*** LLamale a Carlos a 480 707 9740
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